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The G-spot Episode 18

James Curcio gives us another podcast episode of Postgenre Blues, this time talking about inadequate copyright laws, the media war, remixes and a Microsoft takedown notice sent to the crew.

Wes Unruh gives us a talking to about DIY television, the struggle against media monopoly,
and converses on the subject with Freeman.

Joseph Matheny brings us another mini episode of the resurrected Gpod, digging in the archives with the Chicago Underground Industrial Tape Scene.

And Jason Lubyk reads, channels aliens and fucks with your mind.

This shows offering of music

"Shock The Monkey" originally by Peter Gabriel, remixed by n8ur.

"Daily Grind," originally from subQtaneous: Some Still Despair In A Prozac Nation, remixed by DJ Doctor Device.

"This is Aryian Bass," a mashup megamix, by Johan Ess.

An audiobook short from the novel Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning.

(Listen now.)
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